Appreciation and  

Success Stories

from some of our mums

Overcomer of the Year Awards

  From left, Nicole Adler 2015, Melissa Oconnell 

 2016, Josie Parata (CEO) & Jacquie Smith 2017

2015 - Nicole Adler - Single Mum to 4 children

Initially found drowning in debt, living in a 2 bedroom tiny mouldy flat with 4 children. Today Nicole is debt free and went to being the Centre Manager of that organisation who helped her to become debt free overseeing 3 locations and is now managing a community advocacy role in and around the western suburbs of Sydney.  She lives in a 3 bedroom town house on the Northern Beaches and now has a vision for her future.

Our Overcomers are chosen by the evidence of the steps they have taken to "Move Forward" and out of victim and poverty mentalities - They are our annual Champions

2017 - Jacquie Smith - Single Mum to 3

Jacquie was found with no confidence and filled with lots of anxiety about here new found role as a single mum. After Jacquie started attending at our "Moving Forward" support groups weekly, she began to gain some confidence and some hope to be able to move forward and live life well.Today Jacquie works full-time in full confidence and now smiles at her future that she is certainly going to be better than ok. 

2016 - Melissa Oconnell - Single Mum to 3

When we met Melissa she was initially very distressed and was living in a 1 bedroom room under her parents home, having free bread delivered weekly from our service and really not having a clue of how to move on. With some practical tips from SMS Melissa began to move forward. She fought in court for her rights of child access and won the case being awarded with 100% full custody (very rare these days). Melissa now works full-time, owns her own 3 bedroom townhouse and she loves life and is excited about where she is going.

OUR CLIENTS - What They Say

  1. Thank you SMS for helping me to leave a domestic violent home – Mary

  2. Thank you SMS for meeting me at a park and helping me to fill in Centrelink forms to be able to get some money for myself and my kids to live on. – Kelly

  3. Thank you SMS for helping me to find a home for myself and my 4 children – Jody

  4. Thanks SMS for sending C3 Church out to my home with an Emergency Food Box – Claire

  5. Thank you SMS for dropping off a pram for my baby – Now I can go out – Melissa

  6. Thanks SMS for connecting me to the right services who have now helped with keeping my electricity and gas on at my home. – Marion

  7. Thank you SMS for the amazing donation of a car, you have no idea how this car has helped my family to be able to move on. We no longer need to walk up the Alexander Street hill in Collaroy. Amazing – Morissa

  8. I was in corporate, but when divorced my husband took everything and I could no longer work, He left us with no car, Josie nominated me for a car that was being donated from C3 Church. This moment was so so overwhelming. I went away and got re-employed in the most amazing job with phenomenal pay and recently I just brought myself a brand new Lexus and so I decided to re-donated that car to another single mum. Thank you SMS and C3 Church for your support – Demi

  9. Thank you SMS for holding my hand at Family Court – Just knowing you were there with me made a world of difference – your support is much appreciated – Kylie

  10. The day you found me living in my car was the day that my world began to turn around. SMS Lighthouse is an amazing service that helped me to get into the rental market – Theres no way I thought that I could do it, but you helped me to find a way. Living in a 2 bedroom unit is far better than in my car with my 3 year old daughter – Thank you – Rachael

  11. That box of brand new clothes from Big W that you and your team at SMS turned up to my home with was just amazing. It was rather embarrassing thinking that I had not brought my kids any new clothes for the last year and half. But your generosity of more than enough really really placed huge smiles on my 3 kids faces. It was priceless and I want to thank you so much – Carla

  12. Thank you for consistently every Tuesday having beautiful fresh bread from Baker’s Delight at Dee why for me to come and take for my kids lunches. It really makes a difference. – Marsha

  13. It was really wonderful of SMS to think of me when you got given a second hand queen bed donated – I no longer need to sleep on the mattress on my floor. – Thanks Tiffany

  14. Coming to a service that genuinely helps us mums to move forward is a very rare one. We totally feel as though we are accepted and loved every time we walk through your doors. Thank you Single Mums Support for the continued love and acceptance. - Tony

  15. Coming into SMS has been an awesome experience but walking into the house of God at C3 Oxford Falls has been even more phenomenal – Thank you for reaching out to me and my 4 children, I will never be the same – Nicole

  16. The day that you came with me to the Centrelink Tribunal was the day that my life began to turn around – we went there with a debt of $32,000 in overpaid fees – you prayed with me and supported me all the way. To walk out of there with them cancelling the debt because of miscommunications was a miracle that I just never thought would happen. I am now attending at C3 church and am dealing with life’s Wobbly’s in a totally different mindset. Thank you SMS. – Lily

  17. When I came into your Single Mums Support office at C3 Oxford Falls I never knew my life would change for the better – one thing you told me to do right from the word go was to just keep coming to church every week. Since doing that I have seen many many things turn around in my life. I recently remarried and my mum just got saved. I will never be the same. Thank you for guiding and helping me. – Monica

  18. I left my violent husband 6 times before I left for the last time. I am very grateful that I received your details at SMS when I was attempting to leave again and you took me under your wings and helped me to get out for the last time. Actually coming with me to the womans refuge was what I needed. In the past I had always just gone on my own. This time I knew that I could carry on through as I had the support of SMS. Thank you for giving me strength. – Phoebe

  19. Thank you for allowing me to deliver the donated bread to other mums homes. Doing this job allowed me to see other people’s needs and to take my eyes off myself for a change. I love being a part of your volunteer team. Kara

  20. Thank you SMS for organising and even driving the 4 tonne truck from Storage King in Cromer that you managed to get donated in order for me and my 5 children to move homes. - Marleen

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